Servant Leader

Is that an oxymoron?  Not at all, I can’t think of two words that go together better, especially for those who aspire to teach.  Teacher preparation at Concordia is designed around the development of this very critical dimension in any and every teaching career.  Whether that career is focused on early childhood, elementary, or secondary teaching; whether in a Lutheran school or the public arena, servant leadership is a key focus. How could it be otherwise when we seek to walk in the footsteps of the Master Teacher, the very incarnation of servant leadership?

Reflective Practitioner

The history of educational practice and theory is an interesting study.  Some will tell you that nothing has changed over the years, others that a new theory is put forth every year or two, and still others will say that every new idea is just an old one presented with a new name.  Critics might claim that this indicates a field that doesn’t know where it’s going.  I believe there is a different explanation.  Teaching, and more appropriately teachers, have an ongoing drive to attend to the needs of students.  Not students in some nebulous general sense, but the individual and unique students with whom that teacher interacts daily.  This truly is practice, and not theory.  No theory can explain the many complexities found in special combination in that student in row three, the second desk.  To address the needs of that student, teachers need to be constantly reviewing what they do, how well it works and trying to understand why.  This is a daunting task, but if teachers are to serve each child well, it needs to be as natural as breathing.

Lifelong Learner

It has been said that those that can’t, teach.  Actually the very best teachers do exactly what they're teaching students to do, learn!  While Concordia will prepare you to be the very best novice teacher possible, the real work is found in the everyday practice of the skill, and in a career continually striving to be better.  Concordia offers some great graduate programs as well as undergraduate.  However, the best gift we want to provide is to address that hunger to learn now, and foster a desire for learning that lasts a lifetime, and beyond!

Would you like to find out more about teaching, and the Concordia experience?  Please be in touch, we’d like nothing better than to talk with you, individually, about your future as a teacher.

Program Outcomes and Commitments

Caring Relationships

Candidates reflect a disposition of service as they nurture caring and supportive relationships with students, families, and colleagues.

Each Child

Candidates believe that all students are capable of learning and implement effective instructional strategies to support student success.

Disciplinary Knowledge

Candidates know, understand and apply skills, and frameworks of the subjects appropriate to their certification.

Theory into Practice

Candidates understand and apply the theoretical basis of instruction and design strategies which are responsive to individual student differences and diversity.

Delivery of Well-Aligned Instruction

Candidates can deliver well-differentiated and well-aligned instruction that empowers students as learners.

Communication and Collaboration

Candidates communicate effectively and foster collaboration which supports students and their learning.

Teaching Contexts

Candidates use their knowledge of the social, historical, economic, legal and cultural foundations of education to assess and respond to the diverse needs of the classroom, school and community.

Appropriate Technologies

Candidates utilize technology effectively to support teaching and learning.

Learning Communities

Candidates pursue, reflect upon and share professional knowledge and the wisdom gained from practice in order to improve their effectiveness and to strengthen the profession.

Strengthening Practice

Candidates continue to develop their knowledge, skills, and dispositions to enhance student learning.