The Academic Resource Center (ARC) offers a robust array of services and programs for all CUAA students. Information about these services and programs is available below.

Academic Resources Available in the ARC

The ARC provides a a variety of academic support options for CUAA students. This includes course specific tutoring, writing and math support, collegiate study skills, and other targeted academic support to ensure our students have all the support they need to succeed. 

These resources are available to any CUAA student who can come to an appointment on campus. Most of the appointment availability is between 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM Monday through Friday. 

Students can sign up for these services online! Go to or click the button below to get started. View instructions for TracCloud.

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PROSPER (Providing Resources & Opportunities for Student Performance, Engagement, & Retention)

The Academic Resource Center at Concordia University Ann Arbor (CUAA) is committed to providing the services, programs, and supports all students need so they can grow into independent learners and adjust to life as a college student. Sometimes, the adjustment to college can be a challenge, and the path towards a degree strays from a straight line into one with a few jagged points. This is where the PROSPER program comes in. 

PROSPER is a student success ministry committed to helping students struggling academically to establish the foundation necessary for success as they pursue Concordia’s mission of developing in Mind, Body, and Spirit for service to Christ in the church and world. The program is designed to increase student engagement, both academic and social, so as to enrich the CUAA educational experience, while fostering deeper, and more meaningful learning.

Through one-on-one, weekly meetings and group workshops, PROSPER coaches use a standardized curriculum to assist students in the development of 16 critical academic skills, including time-management, study strategies, and academic resilience. Coaches commit to the holistic development of the students through providing not only comprehensive academic support, but also focusing on the development, implementation, and fulfillment of career and vocational goals. Individualized coaching and the content delivered via group workshops empowers students with the skills necessary to successfully progress toward their degree, to be workforce ready upon graduation, and to flourish spiritually, socially, and economically. 

A new class of PROSPER students are selected every semester. Students are emailed with more information about this program at that time.

If you have questions about PROSPER, please contact Kimberly Bentley ( for more information.

Destination Cardinal

The Academic Resource Center (ARC) launched Destination Cardinal, a “summer bridge” program geared primarily toward first-generation or low-income students. However, in addition to serving certain these students, Destination Cardinal is available to the CUAA student body at large, providing an easily accessible resource for students at all achievement levels. This resource was launched in September 2020 to provide extra support for students as they navigated their uncommon return to campus amidst COVID-19.

Destination Cardinal is an online platform designed with our students’ needs in mind. It offers resources and support in a range of topics including academic skills, personal growth, mental health, and well-being. Here you’ll find information about important campus resources and support services, as well as short videos and more in-depth workshops. While you’ve reached your educational destination as a Concordia Cardinal, you’re still growing and developing in mind, body, and spirit. Destination Cardinal is another way for us to support you in and out of the classroom. We’re so glad you’re here!

How to access Destination Cardinal: 

Step 1: Go to  

Step 2: Log in with your F00# and password (faculty/staff will use their username and password)

Step 3: Click on the “Destination Cardinal” box

Step 4: Listen to the Welcome Video & choose a tutorial that suits your needs


Please contact the ARC with any questions about our academic services or to schedule an appointment.

Location: Zimmerman Library, 1st Floor
Phone: 734-995-7460