Be the hands and feet of Jesus

Service is an integral part of the daily life and mission of Concordia University Ann Arbor. Not only is service a core value, as we strive to service others in caring, helpful, and knowledgeable ways, but our mission is not fulfilled until our students go out into the Church and the world as servants of Christ.

CUAA alumni assume significant servant leadership responsibilities in the Church and communities across the nation and the world because of the experiences they have as students, developing in global-mindfulness to transform lives, influence communities, and value their neighbors near and far.

Some of the ways Concordia practices service is through a mission of the month, dedicating support to a project or organization in the area, sending students on mission trips, and through the various service initiatives of student clubs, organizations, teams, or departments.

By creating and cultivating opportunities for the campus community to regularly serve our brothers and sisters in Christ, we demonstrate the love of Christ who came to earth not to be served but to serve.