Professional Development 

SCECHS - Summer Institute Workshops

This is a fun, inviting way to earn SCECHs! CUAA offers SCECH opportunities sporadically throughout the year, but most of our SCECH workshops take place over the summer.

Professional Development Customized for Partnership Districts

Partnership schools use Concordia University Ann Arbor to keep their teams up-to-date with licensing, certification, and professional development. We make access to customizable professional development easy, economical, and tailored for each participating school district.

Professional development credits offered through Concordia University Ann Arbor can be used for licensure renewal and comprehensive professional development plans.

  • These can be tailored to your specific school's needs.
  • We can offer schools connections to instructors skilled in the desired PD areas.
  • We can complete an in-depth needs analysis with your leadership team to understand your educational needs and goals.
  • We can provide the expert instructors and consultants to lead seminars.
  • We can provide the syllabi for your master instructors to lead the professional development seminars.