Preferred Educational Partnerships

School districts all over Michigan are discovering the ease of updating their professional development through CUAA’s PEP program. Customized for each organization, the program features discounted tuition for all licensing, certification and Master’s Degree courses.

Enjoy made-to-order world-class professional development with Concordia University Ann Arbor’s Preferred Educational Partnerships (PEP). In addition to monetary benefits, CUAA assigns an educational team that works with you and your organization to understand your needs and goals. The result? A CUAA School of Education customized professional development experience, optimized for your organization and at an affordable price for your team.

Preferred education partners receive:

  • Tuition Reduction: Participants are eligible for 24% tuition discounts on
    • Certificate or master’s degree program courses
    • Independent graduate education courses
    • Required Reading courses for advancement within Professional Certifications
  • Significant financial discounts for targeted professional development
  • Relevant Programs: Customized for your district and a direct line of communication with CUAA’s School of Education graduate program
  • Flexible Delivery: Courses available online, at the CUAA campus, or through on-site delivery at your school
  • Quality Instructors: Leverage CUAA’s experienced instructors and consultants or utilize your own district’s teachers and administrators to serve as adjunct instructors*
    • *All non-Concordia University instructors must meet Concordia’s adjunct faculty requirements before courses begin.

Select a delivery option that works best for your team

  • Site-based face-to-face programs
  • On-campus (CUAA)
  • Online
  • Blended programs
  • Customized programs

Discover how your organization can strengthen its professional development while saving money today.

Dr. Marilyn Meell, Director of Graduate Education Program

18-19 FY PEP Tuition Discount Form 
The form must be filled out each academic year before your courses begin.

Participating Preferred Education Partnership School Districts