Concordia is committed to the training and encouragement of church leaders—and we’re not just talking about those studying on our campus! If you’re a pastor in need of some godly support or spiritual edification, you have options through Concordia. We offer a number of on-campus Bible studies, lectures, social events, and resources that are specifically designed to uplift and strengthen pastors in their ministries.

Clergy Connect

Concordia reaches out to hundreds of pastors each month to share the latest news, campus updates, upcoming events, and other information that is of specific interest to pastors and other church leaders.

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Concordia Bible Institute

A servant institute of Concordia University, the Concordia Bible Institute exists to provide Christ-centered Bible instruction to strengthen faith and spread belief in the one true God. Founded by the late Rev. Dr. John W. Saleska, a cherished father in the faith, CBI leverages the expertise of distinguished theologians—many of whom serve on Concordia’s faculty—who teach “Christ in Every Word,” offering pastors and lay ministers a variety of online and in-person resources.

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