The School of Health Professions (SHP) is growing and currently houses four accredited programs at the undergraduate level and one graduate program. Our curriculum emphasize service to the community and interprofessional collaboration. As a result, students are able to work with community members very early in their educational experience. Learn more about our programs and check back often to watch us grow our Occupational Therapy Doctorate and Doctorate in Physical Therapy


Bachelor of Science in Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Gain advanced insights to the inner workings of the body with our Bachelor's in Diagnostic Medical Sonography.

Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology

With this degree, you will be a key part of the health care field by safely creating images needed to determine proper diagnoses and treatment.

Bachelor of Science in Rehabilitation Science

With our BSRS you'll get all the prerequisites for both our Doctorate of Occupational Therapy and Doctor of Physical Therapy degrees.

Bachelor of Social Work

Our Social Work program uses Christian service, quality research, and hands-on learning to grow you as a competent professional.

Continuing Ed

Opioid Impacted Family Support Specialist Certificate

Enhance and expand your knowledge, skills, and expertise to help fight the opioid and substance use crisis our country is facing.


Doctor of Occupational Therapy (entry level)

Positively impact communities as a Christ-centered occupational therapist who empowers others to reach their highest potential through leadership, best practice, advocacy, and innovation.

Doctor of Physical Therapy

This doctorate in physical therapy program educates students who are committed to caring for patients in mind, body and spirit with an emphasis on primary care and preventive medicine as well as continual lifelong learning.


Master of Science in Child Life and Interprofessional Practice

A program designed to deepen understanding of child development and of the processes of supporting children and families during a medical intervention, crises or hospitalization.

Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies

Our Master's in Physician Assistant program will prepare you to provide high-quality health care in a respectful, caring manner.

Master of Social Work

Our Master of Social Work (MSW) provides specialization, training at all practice levels, and hands-on internships. It’s your best preparation for an enriching future in social services.