Global education — expanding students' horizons beyond the classroom

Concordia University has long-standing worldwide relationships with aligned communities and partner organizations. These strong ties enable the Ronald and Marvel Jones School of Nursing to fully embrace and join the global effort for better health for all people.

The Community Health and Global Education program gives CUAA nursing students the chance to experience, firsthand, health care in Belize, Romania, Guatemala, Kenya, and Uganda. The majority of nursing students travel and new destinations are added every year!

Field Work:

Aspiring nurses will learn about care delivery in low resource settings by helping to design health education programs, household surveys, and health promotion initiatives.

These experiences will instill the CUAA nursing community with the value of sustainable community-based programming.


Currently, nursing students are raising funds to support their global education endeavors. Instruction will provide participating students with knowledge about tropical diseases, international health economics, and local languages, while building cultural competence. Additionally, plans are to take much-needed supplies for clinics, women's groups, and child care. Now in its second year, the Ronald and Marvel Jones School of Nursing shares Concordia University's vision for making the world a better place. We're thrilled to embark on the practice of nursing with excellence, integrity, compassion as we serve globally.