Enriching the educational experience

The CUAA Simulation program provides an environment where you can apply the knowledge, skills and values learned weekly in the classroom and skills laboratory into their nursing practice.

Starting in your first semester in the School of Nursing curriculum, a unique opportunity awaits you. The Simulation program offers participants a health care environment under the guidance of human patient simulation experts. From the beginning, you will practice inter-disciplinary care to meet the demand of the twenty-first century health care environment are fully immersed in an RN role.

The state-of-the-art simulation center includes five hospital rooms, an apartment, a chapel, and courtroom. These rooms can be configured for a variety of different inpatient and outpatient settings including; home care, pediatrics, adult medical surgical, community nursing, and OB delivery.

While in Simulation, you are also utilizing the latest technology found in hospital settings including medication dispensing units, electronic health records, infusion pumps, and ceiling lifts. Meanwhile, a robust video capturing system enables you to view and reflect on your experience. Six debriefing suites equipped with large screen monitors allow students and instructors alike to critique and cultivate their practice.

Our Simulation Center Faculty

Anita Simmons RN, MSN
Director of Simulation and Inter-professional education

Joseph Yaksich MS, RN, ACNP-BC, CHSE
Simulation specialist

Betsy Cambridge RN, BSN
Simulation Specialist