Lifelong lessons fuelling a lifetime of caring

The Ronald and Marvel Jones School of Nursing believes that practical experience combined with access to the most technologically-advanced procedures and equipment prepares tomorrow’s nurses to “hit the ground running” by giving you the knowledge and the skills necessary to succeed.

Nursing is the most trusted profession in the United States. At Concordia University Ann Arbor, you will be well-prepared to lead with ethical, professional excellence and Christian care and concern.


Concordia University Ann Arbor is a Lutheran higher education community committed to helping students develop in mind, body, and spirit for service to Christ in the Church and the world.


The Ronald and Marvel Jones School of Nursing’s vision is to be a premier, Christ-Centered school that is known for developing students into highly-skilled, professional, nurse leaders who serve in diverse communities in an ever-changing health care environment to improve health outcomes.


The Ronald and Marvel Jones School of Nursing is dedicated to providing a rigorous Christ-Centered education that develops and inspires highly skilled professionals who are prepared to serve by promoting health and healing with excellence, integrity and compassion.

What sets us apart?

CUAA has developed a Nursing program that stands above the rest. Here are just a few of the reasons you should consider the Ronald and Marvel Jones School of Nursing.


Our proven curriculum, rich with real world, multidisciplinary opportunities, is ideal for students who value a faith-focused, forward-thinking, simulation-based nursing education.  Christian faith and ethics are integrated seamlessly into classroom instruction.

  • A strong liberal arts foundation cultivates "whole person" health care professionals.
  • State-of-the-Art technology supports the development of highly skilled nurses, who provide high quality health care.
  • Intentional leadership skill development results in nurses ready to advocate for their patients.
  • Interprofessional education — a hallmark of the program  — nurtures well-rounded professionals who are skilled at working with other health care practitioners.

Simulation and skill labs

CUAA’s unique and proven, simulation-based curriculum gives you a hands-on, multidisciplinary education that will set you apart in your profession. Simulation and Skill Labs begin your first semester. These state-of-the-art, multi-functional environments allow you to learn and increase your comfort levels in real-life yet controlled environments.

Global impact and study abroad opportunities

Concordia University nurses are globally-minded men and women, who transform lives and influence communities through Christ-like service and leadership. Through the Community Health and Global Education program, you will
experience, firsthand, nursing scenarios in different global cultures while imparting the value of sustainable community-based programming.


All CUAA Nursing faculty have strong clinical and nursing education backgrounds. Courses are taught exclusively by doctorally-prepared faculty with expertise in their respective subject areas. Need some one-on-one time? Our faculty is readily and happily accessible for individual interaction. As the cornerstone of our program, we use active teaching and learning strategies throughout the classroom, laboratory, and simulation experiences.

Program outcomes

  • Faith is integrated in all courses and academic programs.
  • A liberal arts foundation paired with medical and scientific principles.
  • Learn leadership skills to improve patient care.
  • Make use of informatics and health care technology.
  • Learn the latest health care policies for patient advocacy.
  • Work in an inter-professional health care environment to improve patient outcomes.
  • Use knowledge of prevention and community health to help individuals and the broader population.
  • Advance professional values and workplace professionalism.
  • Perform job duties at high levels, reflective of the quality of education recieved.