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The Haab School of Business offers a complete range of business education programs and degrees including associate’s and bachelor’s degrees for undergraduate and accelerated adult students, licensures, and certifications. Graduate programs include our highly ranked Master’s of Business Administration (with 13 concentrations), Master's in Leadership, Accountancy, Business Analytics and a Doctor of Business Administration. 


Our Mission

The Haab School of Business emboldens a network of transformational and collaborative Christian leaders, dedicated faculty, entrepreneurial students, and active alumni who come together to create maximum social impact through ethical practice, innovation and service.

Led by our Christ-centered values, we believe that the best business leaders demonstrate both uncompromising compassion and unmatched competitive skill. Because of this, our education uniquely develops and empowers uncommon leaders who lead beyond the norm, igniting transformative change in themselves, their organizations, and society.

Our Four C's

Christian Worldview: In this ever-changing world, we embrace an education infused with the Christian intellectual tradition, through which our students become models in a creation to live out Christ’s teachings by serving Him within all things that surround them. Life is defined by choices made!

Character: We prepare students with strength of character to make ethical decisions, act honorably in the service of their work, and to make right choices in the face of pressure and challenge. Never compromise your character.

Credibility: We equip students with the habits and disciplines of the mind to become responsible, dependable and credible professionals in their workplaces and their communities. Credibility is your currency.

Career Preparedness: We empower students through internships, field work placements, real-life simulations, faculty practitioner-mentoring and career engagement with the Concordia confidence, skills and preparedness to enter the workforce.

Four Years to Jump Start Your Career

Clubs, Organizations, & Pitch Events

Get Involved!

When you get involved with a business-related club at Concordia, you open yourself up to all kinds of possibilities: connections with fellow Concordians who share your same interests, opportunities to practice and apply what you’ve learned in the classroom, a chance to pitch your business idea and/or innovation, and the ability to serve others in ways that match the unique skillsets you’ve been given. Check out some of these student organizations you can look forward to joining at CUAA, and visit our Clubs & Organizations page to see more of our student organization offerings.

Upcoming Haab School of Business Events

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