Cayuses 424

Cayuses 424 is a web-based proposal preparation and routing system, providing:

  • Full support for over 98% of opportunities: the system downloads the appropriate forms required to apply for federal grants.
  • Accuracy and efficiency in proposal development: during proposal development, the system performs real-time error checking based on agency and opportunity-specific rules, validations, and other rules. Users are able to click on an error to resolve issues.
  • Centralized and reusable data: institutional data is managed in one location.
  • Proposal Routing and Approval: users can view, edit, and collaborate on proposals during any stage of development.
  • Cayuses 424 maintains a complete repository and history of proposals: allowing users to copy or transform them to different opportunities.
  • Collaboration between Cayuse sites: allows easy important or export of subaward documents.

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