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Human Subjects Assurance Number: FWA00014294
Animal Welfare Assurance Number: N/A
Business Type: Nonprofit, Education
Wisconsin Sales Tax Exemption Number: CES 2004
Commercial & Government Entity (CAGE) Code Number: 4BSB4
Congressional District: District 6
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Foundation Board: Link
Board of Regents: Link
DUNS Number: 057163396
Definition of Gift vs. Grant: Link
EIN/TIN Number 39-0833608
Federal Tax Exempt Number:
Concordia University Wisconsin, Inc.   39-0833608
Concordia University Wisconsin Foundation   39-6077337
University Established: 1881
Authorized signers on Sponsored Program outgoing grant proposals: Contact OSP
Facilities & Administrative (indirect) Cost Rate:
On-Campus Rate: 50.4% of salaries, wages and fringe benefits
Off-Campus Rate: 26%
Fringe Benefit Proposal Rates:
Full Time Faculty & Staff: 37%
Consistent Part Time Staff: 10%
Full Time Summer Students: 8%
Full Time Fall/Spring Students: 0%

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Daniel Sem, Ph.D., M.B.A., J.D.
Director of Technology Transfer

Julie Dresen, EdD

Andy Dunn
Grants Accountant