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Theatre scholarship auditions 2023

Theatre Talent scholarships are available for all students, regardless of major. Students may choose an acting audition, a musical theatre audition, or technical submission.

Those receiving scholarships agree to enroll in THTR 101: Theatre Practicum each semester which involves participating on-stage or backstage in a theatre production.

Students may attend an in-person audition or submit an online audition

Live theatre scholarship auditions will be held on campus on the following dates:

  • Saturday, November 11th 2023
  • Saturday, January 20th 2024
  • Saturday, February 10th 2024

If you're unable to attend a live scholarship audition then you can submit a video audition.

Prospective students must complete the online registration for a scholarship audition at least two weeks prior to their anticipated audition date. Thus, the deadlines for registration are:

  • November 11th auditions – Registration deadline of Friday, November 3rd 2023
  • January 20th auditions – Registration deadline of Friday, January 12th 2024
  • February 10th auditions – Registration deadline of Friday, January 26th 2024

You may audition in one of the following ways:

Interested in a musical theatre dance scholarship? Contact Beth Strom at

Theatre scholarship application

Click here to complete a Theatre Scholarship application!

Frequently asked questions

Questions about the Audition Process? Please click below for answers!

Who can apply for a theatre scholarship?

Theatre scholarships can be awarded to all incoming or transfer full-time students. Returning students are not eligible for new theatre scholarships.

Do I need to minor in theatre for a scholarship?

No. As a liberal arts university, Concordia values the participation of all students in our productions.

Am I talented enough to receive a theatre scholarship?

The audition process at CUAA is designed to be welcoming for students with a wide variety of backgrounds. No matter where you are in your journey, there is a place for you at CUAA. Because of this, we encourage everyone with an interest to apply!

How do I choose a monologue?
  • Choose something that fits you
    • Age, Personality, Etc.
  • Choose a monologue that is active & easy to follow
    • Find something where the stakes are high for your character.
    • Find something that the audition panel can easily follow with no back story
  • Do not do dialects unless your execution of the dialect is flawless
  • You may not use movie monologues for theatre auditions.
Where can I start looking for monologue?
What are some tips for recording my video?
  • Make sure the video and audio are clear
  • Record with full body in the frame
  • Dress as if you were at in-person audition
  • Try to record against a wall or a simple background
  • Do not cut or edit the video
  • Announce your full name
I have more questions. Can I email someone?

For questions, please contact Amanda Williams,