Thank you for your interest in the Music Department at Concordia University Ann Arbor! We offer music scholarships for any interested incoming students. We encourage all students, regardless of academic major, to consider applying for a Music Scholarship.

Available scholarships

Participation scholarships of $1,500 are available to students to participate in a Concordia musical ensemble. Students may audition for scholarships in up to two performance ensembles:

  • Chamber Choir (Arborsong)
  • Choirs (Concordia Choir, Men’s Chorus, Women’s Chorale)
  • Concert Band (Wind Ensemble)
  • Orchestra (String Ensemble)
  • Worship Arts Ensemble / Praise Band

In addition, students interested in Marching Band / Pep Band may apply for an Athletic Bands scholarship.

2020-21 Audition dates

  • Saturday, November 21
  • Saturday, February 6
  • Saturday, March 3
  • Saturday, April 10

Students may also request a Video Audition, or arrange a scholarship audition in conjunction with an official campus visit through the Admissions Department. Arranged auditions are subject to the availability of Music Department Faculty.

Audition registration

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Frequently asked questions

Questions about the Audition Process? Please click below for answers!

Who can apply for a music scholarship?

Music scholarships can be awarded to all incoming full-time students. Returning students are not eligible for new music scholarships.

Am I talented enough to receive a music scholarship?

The audition process at CUAA is designed to be welcoming for students with a wide variety of musical backgrounds. Our aim is to be an inclusive musical community, with a variety of musical opportunities for students of all ability levels.

No matter where you are in your musical journey, there is a place for you at CUAA. Because of this, we encourage everyone with an interest to apply!

Do I need to major or minor in music for a scholarship?

No. As a liberal arts university, Concordia values the participation of all students in our musical ensembles. This includes both students who are interested in majoring or minoring in music, as well as students majoring in any field of study who wish to continue participating in music during college.

How many music scholarships can I receive?

Students applying for the music scholarship may select up to TWO ensembles within the Music Department for participation:

  • Chamber Choir (Arborsong)
  • Choirs (Concordia Choir, Men’s Chorus, Women’s Chorale)
  • Concert Band (Wind Ensemble)
  • Orchestra (String Ensemble)
  • Worship Arts Ensemble / Praise Band

Students interested in Marching & Pep Band may also apply for an Athletic Bands scholarship.

What should I prepare for my audition for Choir, Band, or Orchestra?

To audition, prepare one selections/etudes from the standard art music repertoire for your instrument or voice.

  • Students must audition on one of the four scheduled dates, or on the scheduled make-up date in case of emergency. No auditions will be accepted following the published audition window.
  • Students must provide a letter of recommendation at the time of the audition speaking towards their musical abilities.
  • Unless marked unaccompanied, students must bring in piano parts and perform their selections with accompanists. The Music Department will provide an accompanist for all auditioning students.

Video/internet auditions may be accepted on a case-by-case basis provided that they are received by the music department prior to the final audition date. Students wishing to audition via video must receive approval from the music department in advance of submitting a video audition.

What are the stipulations of the scholarships?

For all music scholarships, as basis for continuing to receive the scholarship, the student agrees to:

  • Take private lessons each semester attending Concordia, on the instrument/voice part on which they auditioned.
  • Enroll in an ensemble on the instrument/voice part on which they auditioned for their scholarship (where applicable).
  • Perform in an annual recital.
  • Maintain a cumulative 2.5 GPA, and maintain a grade of “B-“ or higher in all required music courses.
What instruments can audition for scholarships?
  • Bass Clarinet
  • Bassoon
  • Cello
  • Clarinet
  • Guitar (acoustic, electric, or bass)
  • Drums or Percussion
  • Euphonium
  • Flute
  • French Horn
  • Oboe
  • Organ
  • Piano
  • Saxophone
  • String bass
  • Trombone
  • Trumpet
  • Tuba
  • Viola
  • Violin
  • Voice
What is the Athletic Bands scholarship and how can I audition?

The Athletic Band Scholarship is available to students who wish to be in the Concordia Marching & Pep Band. Students receiving this scholarship make a commitment to the Marching Band and Pep Band at home football, basketball, and hockey games. This includes the pre-season Band Camp each August. Because this scholarship is administered through the Athletic Department, students are eligible for this scholarship in addition to their Music Department scholarships.

To audition, you will need to play the school fight song at the time of your Music Department Audition. Color Guard members will need to perform a short routine of your own choosing. Music is available to download here.

What is Arborsong and how can I audition?

The scholarship for Arborsong is available to students who have an affinity for choral singing at the advanced level. Students who receive this scholarship agree to sing in the Concordia Choir and attend all rehearsals and performances for Arborsong. Arborsong performs three to five times off campus each semester.

In addition to your prepared song(s) for your vocal audition, please prepare and sing your vocal part for this selection.

What is the Worship Arts scholarship and how can I audition?

The Worship Arts Scholarship is available to students who wish to be in a Worship Arts Ensemble.

Audition requirements include:

  • Preparing a song that demonstrates your musical aptitude and aptitude as a worship song leader.
  • Preparing a required song available for download here.
  • A brief interview.
I have more questions. Can I email someone?


For questions about Choir or Arborsong, please contact Dr. Brian Altevogt.

For questions about Worship Arts Ensembles or Church Music, please contact Dr. John Boonenberg.

For questions about Band, Orchestra, or Marching Band, please contact Dr. William Perrine.